30 Things About Me- Maybe Even my Besties Don’t Know

Over the past year, so many people have told me that they feel that I know everything about them, but what they think they know about me is only the surface.

It’s because I am a curious cat, I always love hearing about people’s lives and what can I say, people love talking about themselves. Jared said he felt like he thought he knew me until he was asked to be interrogated for my security clearance and called me saying he doesn’t know me at all. Well, granted they ask things about if I have gotten tickets or arrested, first off I don’t run around announcing my tickets and secondly, I’m too clean-cut to be arrested.  I could never survive a night in jail.

Here is a summary of me:

  1. No middle name. My parents did not know they could give a middle name in America, so as a first-born I did not get one. My sisters did, then when I was 5 my mom asked me what middle name I wanted. I said watermelon in Vietnamese, so she said NO!
  2. Kid Spy. I used to go undercover and buy cigarettes from gas stations and if they sold it to me, I would wait while the po-po busted them.
  3. Obsessed with cheese. I love all cheese. When I was little, I always got in trouble for stealing cheese from the fridge. My mom called me a little mouse. Oh and the cheese addiction is partially why I got put on a diet at age 3, but I was a cute tub-a-lub.
  4. Silence is my enemy. Even during school, I could never study in silence. I always had to have the TV or music on. Silence makes me bored and when I’m bored, I cause trouble.  My parents think I have ADHD, but they are afraid to confirm that theory.
  5. Addicted to the Stock Market.  That’s all that needs to be said.  I’ve been flipping since 12 years old.
  6. No emotional attachment to things. I only have attachment to pictures. Otherwise, I don’t really care about things. If I had a shirt and my sister wanted it, I would give it up. It comes from being the oldest. My mom always makes us sacrifice everything.
  7. All I want is my two front teeth. I have two teeth fused into one and my youngest sister has one in the same place.
  8. Love to swim with giant animals.  I am amazed by large animals, especially ones that swim like the whale shark or manatee.  But I love elephants and pandas too.
  9. I have a semi-odd obsession with calculators. I used to have them in every room of the house and in all my purses.
  10. No talkie before coffee. Megan first introduced me to coffee when I was 19 and I’ve been addicted ever since.  I am a proud gold card member of Starbucks!
  11. News junkie. My parents always made us watch the news at 10 PM ever since we were little, so as I’ve grown older, I have kept that habit. The other day, my parents told me I act like I’m 89 because I watch the news so much.
  12. Short people problems. I had to sit on a phone book during driver’s ed because I could not see and I never learned how to properly parallel park until I got a back-up camera.  Oh and my driver’s ed teacher made me cry on my first test run.
  13. I hate feet. Seriously, they are so gross, even my own.
  14. Ghosts scare me. This is not just a joke, when I was a child, we went to a graveyard for a school field trip and we had to walk on the lawn. I threw away those shoes because I thought the ghosts would follow me home.
  15. Never had a broken bone.
  16. No tattoos and I will never get one.
  17. I had braces for almost 4 years.  I was definitely a late bloomer, I’m much better looking now than when I was younger.
  18. Snoring. Ugh, I snore really loud. Someone nicknamed me a mini-godzilla.  I’m not going to lie, I’m loud.
  19. Asian #FAIL. I was supposed to be a pharmacist, but because of my fear of dead people, my dad chose my career and told me either to choose accounting or finance.
  20. I swim in the pool with snorkeling goggles. Sanam never wants to be seen with me, but people are staring because they are jealous they can’t swim as long as I do without getting water in their eyes.
  21. White hairs. I have had 2 white hairs since I was 3 years old. They grow back in the same place, but it’s just two strands. My mom said it’s because I am always thinking of how to get in trouble.
  22. If you don’t let me talk, I will die. I talk A LOT, I get it from my mom. My worst punishment would be to not be allowed to speak for 5 minutes. I’ll want to say something and hold my tongue, but then when it’s time to speak, I can’t anymore.  It’s just a bad situation to try to shut me up.
  23. My brain is on 24/7. My head may be little but it doesn’t stop thinking about anything from zombie apocalypse, the next best stock, and work, how I am going to retire and obviously where my trip would be. Cepand said he would like to be in my brain for just 30 minutes because he thinks that’s all he can survive in it.
  24. Overachiever. IDK, but I always put so much pressure on myself, I graduated my BS at 20, went to get 2 years work experience and jumped back into school and got my MBA at 24.  They hated me because I skewed the class age average being the baby.  Julia said she would hate being my sisters because I’m so proper LOL.
  25. Why I got my MBA?  Y’all are going to laugh, the main reason I got my MBA was to sit in the pit. When I graduated my BS, I had to sit in the crowd and I told my mom I was so upset because I was small as an ant in the crowd.  She said well the only way to get to sit in the pit is to get your MBA or PH.D.  So I told her, that’s not fair, ok I’ll get my MBA in 2 years and I did.
  26. Bowling Pro.  I usually got really good at getting strikes when I was bowling.  One day I went with my best friend Joseph and I said see I don’t get why people think bowling is so hard, there are two lights showing you where to aim the ball.   It was all luck because Joseph explained that meant the frame, it was not guiding me anywhere.
  27. First let me take a selfie. I take a selfie with everything, this should be no surprise to you.  There was an article about people who take selfies are more prone to metal illness, well they are just jealous they don’t know how to take a good one. So read my 5 Tips to take a Good Selfie!
  28. Scared of heights. I can jump out of a plane and go ziplining, but I get so nervous when it comes to getting on a ladder. I makes no sense.
  29. Baby blanket. I still had my baby blanket until I was about 13 or 14. My aunt caught me with it one day and she threw it away. It was the worst day of my life, but obviously I survived.
  30. Say Pink!  Megan gave me my first Victoria’s Secret Pink Dog. I started collecting them ever since I was 19.  I am obsessed with them. I probably have 30 now.

The day I discovered I’m considered old by the young kids…

wpid-img_6818616312833.jpegMy section of the neighborhood has a lot of little kids and I’m a little biased, but I’m their favorite. Just kidding, well not really…they always play outside and when I come home from work, they run to me and show me their new shoes and give me hugs. Honestly, no matter how bad of a day you’ve had, kids can always make your life better.

One of the 10 year olds invited me to her birthday party and of course who would say no.

At the party, I met my neighbor’s nephew Jr. I thought he was 19, figuring out his life in college, young, wild and free. Oh no, later on I was talking to his aunt and I was like I feel so old compared to these young people. She’s like Linda; he’s 24, only 4 year age difference. We both looked at each other and just busted up laughing. My parents are right; I’m an 89 year old lady.

Moments why I felt old:

  • He was going to a rave and brought out these bracelets. He said they exchange them with each other at these raves. He had to teach me the sign of peace, love, and I can’t remember, rave?


  • The ravers wear these mask things and they pay $50 for it. I said, let’s make a business! I’ll do your website, he said, no it’s not in the rave culture and you will be shunned. I said then you are a silent partner and I’ll sell it. For him, it’s important to be cool, for me it’s important to see a business opportunity lol.


  • He mentioned how he broke up with his girlfriend, but wanted a sign from God to see if he should give her another change. He paused and I was waiting for something like lighting, no. He’s said that night she tweeted out that she was hurt and that was the sign I needed and I tweeted back to her asking if everything was ok. I asked him why he did not pick up the phone, but tweet his feeling over the World Wide Web?

Moments when I realized thank goodness I don’t date younger men:

  • When he was single, he said it was awesome in college because he had a girl before class, after class, during class, coffee, etc… I said, OMG girls these days. How could they do that? In my generation, girls don’t do that, well maybe they did and I just ignored it? I don’t know, but I just think it’s so dangerous. When girls tell me this, I tell them the person could be a killer and you never know.
  • He mentioned how it was so easy to hang out with girls. I said, young man, if a man ever asks me to hang out, they go in my phone as asshole and that’s it. They need to use the words; I would like to take you out on a date and open doors like a gentleman.

Things I learned from Jr:

*As a preface, I do not approve of these terms, but I guess I better know them to be “hip” with the lingo these days.

  • BAE- Before anyone else.
  • Basic Bitch- Apparently, these are girls who wear Ugg boots, leggings, and Northface jackets. He’s like the typical sorority girl. I said, hey I wear that all the time, so you are saying I’m a basic bitch? He said, well, they usually have a Starbucks in their hand too. I said, yep that’s me then.
  • Thots- That hoe over there.
  • Meme-  He mentioned about all these pictures with funny phrases going around. My neighbor Cyndy said, oh you mean the “meh-meh?” Very confidently, I said, “Oh Cyndy, you mean “Me-me” Jr. looked at both of us in shock and said, it’s “meme,” it rhymes like scheme. Yes, at that moment, Cyndy and I were thrown into the LAME category.

Month of Thanks- Day 6- Julie

How we met:

To be perfectly blunt, neither of us remembers. We probably met at a football games or in the halls of Davis High School.

Was it love at first sight?

Apparently so because ever since our first meeting, we’ve been best friends ever since then!

Favorite Moments:

  • Sadie Hawkins. In high school, Julie helped me ask out one of our guy friends. We did a scavenger hunt, so the last place was the big D sign at the high school. For some reason it took my date a long time to figure out all the clues, Julie and I sat in the car for an hour, laughing, and panicking each time a car pulled up in the parking lot.
  • What does the crystal ball hold? Last year, when we were just going through so much, we decided to go see a fortune-teller. We wanted some hope and a little fun, of course we never expected anything to really come true, but you never know. It was one of the most fun times I’ve had with someone in a long time!
  • Photo Shoot. Julie had a major crush in our younger days, so one day she had me take a last-minute photo shoot so that she can change her profile picture on FB. I don’t know exactly how this happened, but this photo shoot included tractors, tall grass, getting into the swamps and even a picture on a winding road. But all I have to say is the ploy worked!


  • Mancation. I swear Julie and I together have the craziest men who ask us out and honestly if we wrote a book, we would be bazillionaires. I mean, the men who fall for us…yeah, honestly words cannot describe. So each time something happens, Julie and I declare a mancation, but that only lasts for a few days until the next date comes along. We always threaten we would become lesbians, but I don’t know if that’s possible.

3 Best Qualities:

  • Laughter makes the world better. Julie has the most contagious laugh. She truly does and her laugh can make anyone’s day better.
  • Ability to tell stories. This girl is a walking story book. She has a million chapters, each one filled with ridiculous stories from getting hit in the head with a stop sign, getting splattered with rain water when her windows are down, and so much more. Each of her chapters are a hoot, trust me. The life of Julie is never dull.
  • Warm personality. She is one of the warmest people you will ever meet. She welcomes you with opens arms and the minute you meet her, you just fall in love with her. You feel as if you have known her for years, yet in reality, you might only have known her for a few minutes.


My Most Grateful Moment:

Oh Julie, I can’t even begin to tell you how much your friendship means to me. I was there for her through her roughest times with not only the death of her best friend in high school, her first kiss with the man who would eventually break her heart, and a few years later the man who really broke her heart, and of course her dad.

Through each I saw what a strong person she was through all trials that get thrown in her way. She has always been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when honestly sometimes as her best friend standing next to her; I could see flickers of light for her, but not a clear pathway out. Through everything with her father, her heartache, her down days, she always goes to work with her best face on. By looking at her, you would never know she ever knew what pain, sadness, or hurt was. You saw the happiest person in the world and I say that it takes an incredible person to put on a brave face for the world no matter what is going on personally.

She is the best teacher, daughter, friend, neighbor, aunt, sister, and she is the dearest and truest friend to me.

Julie was there on my roughest nights through the past year. The nights that I did not even want to get out of bed after what seemed like trial after trial got thrown at me. Julie never let me get down. She has been there for me at all hours of the night from any location bringing so much positivity into my life. I remember when I was in one of my rough spots, she checked up on me daily from her travels in London. Distance means nothing to her.

Especially after the accident, there were nights when I spiraled and had thoughts that were not in-line with the person I am: Happy and optimistic. She told me that for all the times I was there for her, this is her time to be there for me. And she was, every day, she was there telling me another story to make me laugh and forget. Now I am the old Linda again and a big part was due to her. For that Julie, I am thankful to have a friend who has become a sister to me.


Month of Thanks- Day 5- Des

How we met:

I was going up to Rockville to break-up with someone I had been seeing for a few months. I saw that there was a rooftop party at La Canela in Rockville Town Center.

When I went there, the first person I met was Des.

Was it love at first sight?

Yes it was. Des and I met and it was fireworks. We bonded over the fact that we fall in the metro, our phones were about to die, and how much in common we have. No matter how hard it is to get together due to our busy schedules, each time we meet is full of laughter, hilarious moments, and adventures.

Favorite Moments:

  • She’s Not Even a Man. She was telling me about her latest stalker, who by the way was so creepy. I started getting paranoid and there was someone standing in front of the metro. I screamed and was like I think that’s your stalker. She turned to me and said it was a woman and not even a man to be her stalker.
  • Pee Pee Pick Gallery. Let me preface, I say pee pee. I don’t like the other word. The girls were talking about this and she mentioned her gallery. I told her never in my life have I gotten one or want one. Gale said I must date really nice guys, I said yes. So later on, out of curiosity, I asked her if I was to get a picture is it up or down. She said, it better be up or that man is just lazy, who sends a picture of the pee pee down? I apologized and said, I have no idea the pee pee pic etiquette.
  • Runaway Crutch. I cannot disclose all the details on this, but this girl escaped on crutches. If you ever have a chance, ask her about the story because it is hilarious.
  • But he’s so pretty. Des was the person there when I dated V, the man who just turned straight for me. When we first met him, she told me to go for him because he was so handsome and sweet. Little did we both know, he plays both specimen. When I told Des that, she kept looking at him and saying “he’s so pretty” and I would reply “I know.”

3 Best Qualities:

  • Crazy personality.  This is not supposed to be offensive in any way.  There is cray cray and fun cray cray, we are fun cray cray, which is why we became such good friends. To me, her personality shines bright like a diamond and she is loved everywhere she goes.
  • Sense of Humor. Desi is hilarious. Her laugh is contagious, she can make you laugh over anything.  She can laugh at anything including herself!
  • Young at Heart. No matter how old Des and I get, I always consider her my partner in crime.  We are young souls, we giggle over silly things, we still blush in public, and we party like its 1999, well…we try.

My Most Grateful Moment:

When things have been really rough, especially at work, I can turn to her and honestly tell her everything that is weighing on my mind. With her I don’t have to hide anything or get a bottle of wine and cry in the bathtub, which lately has become my usual way of handling the stress.  She listens to every single breakdown I’ve had with the accident and work.

She is there anytime I need her.  I thank her for being my first real friend when I moved to a big city where I didn’t know anyone.  My companion in our summer of partying.  We went out all the time and even though there are some friends from that summer who faded, Desi and I keep growing closer.  Your friendship means the world to me and I love you very much. You are the Dazzle in my Bedazzled life.  You are one of the best people in my life and I can tell you life would be much less exciting if you never came in it.  Thank you for all the memories and for more to come.

Month of Thanks- Day 4- Yashita

How we met:

Yashita and I met through a group of mutual friends at a happy hour. Savoy had invited me to a random Wednesday Happy Hour at Lima. She wanted me to come, so we could go to DC Coast and admire the bar tender there. It was her future Christian Grey and she wanted me to do my usual wing-woman routine and chat up a storm to get her all the details.

Yashita was at Lima, so when we headed over, I was introduced to her and you can say the rest is history.

Was it love at first sight?

You could say it was love at first sight or in our case, love at first pony. On a random Wednesday night our group danced up a storm at Lima and Yashita asked us all to show our best “ride the pony” move. As she was going along, she got to me and I have no sexy “ride the pony move,” so I just hopped back to be her demo.

At that moment, we bonded and have been as close as ever. So we joke and say we were lost until the pony found its Indian cowboy. Yee-haw!

On Saturday, we took a picture next to where it all began.


Favorite Moments:

I must preface this by saying that every time we get together is my favorite moment. This girl just makes my day and she is always so positive and upbeat that you can’t help but be happy.

  • Bollywood Dance. Yashita is probably one of the best dancers I know, I wish I could move like her. I told her I was taking Bollywood Dance at my gym, she was so excited, we did some Indian dance moves at El Centro and a random guy decided to join us. There is video somewhere.
  • Come and get your love baby. When we went hiking, Yashita and I had just watched Guardians of the Galaxy and we danced for about 10 minutes up the hill singing the song from the introduction. Check it out here. First off, thank goodness I didn’t fall. Secondly, who else dances up a hike arm-in-arm singing “Come and get your love?” Us.
  • And the answer is Pakistan! One day we were at Lucky Strike playing trivia. This was our first time and we thought were so good at this game. Actually, many tries later, we realized we were just lucky because other places make their trivia questions really hard. Some of our teammates were sharing answers so loudly that Yashita and I decided to yell, it’s Pakistan for everything to throw off our competitors, and even if it was like what cartoon character is a mouse? We will yell, of course its Pakistan!
  • Picture Perfect! She believes that I can never take a bad picture. She was like I hate you because you are like Barney in How I Met Your Mother. She points it out every single time, even in candid moments, she’s like again, you still look adorable lol! I beg to differ; I’ve seen some horrible pics of me.

3 Best Qualities:

  • Sense of Humor. This girl is hilarious! Every time I am with her, she cracks me up. What she does, she says, I swear she should be in a comedy show.
  • Optimism. In any situation, Yashita can make things better for you. Even when you feel down at times, she can always make you see the bright side and calmly talk some rational into you.
  • Loyalty. I have witnessed on several occasions, there have situations that have arisen and time and time again, she has always protected her friends. She never lets anything bad happen to us and I am grateful for that.

My Most Grateful Moment

I would say overall I am very happy and positive, but even I have my limits where everything gets to a point where I crash.

There was one day, poor Yashita was on the listening end of my bad day. I just told her pretty much everything I had weighing on my mind. She listened and advised. She told me to focus on one step at a time. I love the fact that we can be silly and talk about anything, but a few minutes we can talk about something really serious. That’s what real friends are for. It’s easy to be there when life is all sunshine, but a true friend is there when the clouds come in with some thunder and rain as well.

I am so grateful for her in my life. The only thing I regret, which I’ve told her is the fact that I have not known her longer. When we all met her, she just became another one of our sisters. It was one of those connections where we feel like we have known her forever.

Month of Thanks- Day 3- SSEB

This is for all the SSEB girls: Moon, Karen, and Savoy.

We all met in a very unusual way, but they say people don’t come by your life by accident and in this case, it wasn’t an accident.

For us, it’s all for one and one for all, which is why it is one post. When one of us hurts, all of us hurt. We have each other’s backs, so don’t mess with us. Each of us have our own unique personality, but as a whole, we balance each other out perfectly.

These girls have been my rock in so many situations. We joke about this, but we really are like sisters versus friends. We started the SSEB club and to this date, we are all still intact and going strong.

How we met:

Moon, Karen, and Savoy were introduced through our mutual friend Jay. Jay met Savoy and introduced her to Moon because they were both Cambodian. Then they met Karen. I came in many months later. Shari introduced me to Moon, who at that point invited us to her party. I went to Moon’s party without knowing a soul and after that day, we were instant friends.

The girls laugh because the first time we met, I had no idea the dessert we were having was Vietnamese. I remember saying, my people has this dessert too. Savoy said Moon where did you get this? Moon said, um the Vietnamese store. #VietFail

Was it love at first sight?

Without a doubt, it was love at first sight with all the girls. Our friendship happened naturally. It was not forced, it was not dramatic, it was just fun. We started all hanging out and then we realized how much we had in common and our friendship progressed from there.

Now we could not imagine our life without each other.

Favorite Moments:

  • Too many to pick just one, but I would have to say our daily conversations in the group chat with us. If anyone was to be a fly on the wall to hear what we talk about, it is hilarious. We talk about everything under the sea.
  • Somehow, we all call each other boo boo. Literally, all of our nicknames are boo boo, so when all 4 of us are in a room together, you just hear the word boo boo all over the place.We are so in tuned with each other that we know exactly which boo boo each of us are talking to without even looking. I think the first time our friends were in a room with us, their minds were blown. I remember one day, one of them asked how we knew which boo boo? My honest answer, I don’t know, we just know.
  • When I had to have my cortisone shots on my back, I texted the girls and they all made me laugh so much because they called them sexy shots. You can see the post here. In all the bad times, they can certainly make me feel like a million bucks.


3 Best Qualities:

These three qualities encompass all of us.

  • Honesty. What I appreciate about all four of us is our honesty. We are all honest to a fault. We trust each other, we love each other, and we say what is on our minds. There is nothing off limits.
  • Great sense of humor. You will just have to experience it, but when we are all together, it’s a comedy show and all I have to say is bless all our guy friends who have to help us out of all our situations.
  • Hybrid Free Spirits. We all are very easy going and fun to be around. None of us act our age in many senses because we are the go-with-the flow type most of the time. But we all have really grown-up jobs and we can plan when needed.

My Most Grateful Moment:


After my accident, I didn’t tell anyone for a few days something had happened. At the time, Moon lived in Rockville and I am close to Leesburg. I asked Moon if she would not mind giving me a ride to Savoy’s. Moon came without even asking what happened. That is a true friend; she was there when I needed her, without fail. When they found out what happened, they were freaking out.


Educating me on hood terms, seriously, if I did not have her, I would be so far behind in life. She helps me with understanding so much in life with her wisdom. Karen advises me on so many aspects of my life, I feel like she is my mentor in so many ways and I could not be more grateful. I can come to her with anything, including our shared fear of Ebola. When you get both of us in a room talking about Ebola, even her sister thought we were crazy.


Oh Savoy, what can I say, I have been bitten by her love bites, I have been attacked by her tongue in pictures, but I love her for all she is. I think my most favorite moment and the one that meant the most to me was a moment that she opened up to me. We were at an event and I asked if she had a picture of someone and she mentioned she doesn’t keep it because life is always changing including people. I was really upset because to me, that means I’ll eventually change. Boo boo told me that it’s past experience, but with us it’s different. With us it’s real and that we won’t go away and I honestly do believe that. There was so much more said in that conversation, but at that moment, I really loved that she knows the boo boos love her and she loves the boo boos.

Again, there are so many moments that I treasure with these girls that it’s just the tip of the iceberg and honestly, this post doesn’t do them justice, it’s a snippet of how much they mean to me.

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9 Steps to Manage Your Digital Footprint Before You’re Gone

Have you ever wondered what happens to your accounts after you are gone? Yes, it is a completely morbid thought, but admit it, you have all thought about it. What will happen to all your accounts when you die?

Well, they pretty much float out in cyberspace until someone contacts them to close it. All your pictures, banking information, in my case my thoughts via my blog are out on the World Wide Web or stored in a cloud somewhere.

I’m such a planner in every way, shape, and form, I took time to make it easy for my parents to take care of all my assets and accounts in case anything happened. First off, my parents think I worry so much and let’s face it, they probably forgot about my amazing plan for them.

My parents are already going to have so much to deal with that the last thing they need to worry about Facebook, LinkedIn, my bank accounts, and when my bills are due. I do everything online, so I am messy; I leave a digital footprint everywhere I go.

I think most everyone does their banking and manage their bills and accounts online, so it’s safe to say a majority of you can find this helpful.

  1. Have a family meeting to let them know that you are making a list of all accounts for them. Make sure to categorize and it will make their life so much easier when trying to figure out what Alibaba is. Make sure this list is password protected. The worst it to have your list hacked when you are alive.
  2. List the account name, password, and email address affiliated with each account.
  3. List any social media that you are on: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…
  4. List any sites you use to purchase or sell products and services like eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist
  5. List any retailers you have accounts with like Macy’s or Express.
  6. List all services that you have bills for gas, electric, cable, cell phone, etc… That way, they can shut it off immediately.
  7. Create a payment schedule. Most of my bills are paid online through one account, so my parents could see what places have automatic withdrawals: My credit cards, house payment, car payment, etc…
  8. List all your assets. Put together all your bank accounts, IRA, retirement accounts, mutual funds. Of course, you should have beneficiaries listed for all of these, but you want to make sure they get all your hard earned cash and not the state!
  9. Assign a person responsible for your FB. I sent Lisa this and asked her to continue my page once I’m gone. She agreed because she’s my best friend.
  10. image

And, if something happens, I told Savoy she better come to my funeral even though she scared of open casket. I told her if she does not come, I will know high in the sky and I will come back and haunt her every night. Boo!

In all reality, I hope that this gives you a little something to think about. Back in our parent’s day, they didn’t have to worry about this, but we do. And no one wants to think of this topic, but welcome to adulthood.


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