Why Only Short People Can Understand My Struggles

Being short has its advantages, but a lot of times there are a lot of disadvantages. Tall people -You will never understand.

  • Tall people = long legs. Trying to walk with you is difficult. Each of your steps is like 3 of ours. We have to hustle our booties to keep up with you. Please take that in consideration, especially when walking in heels.
  • Yes, I’m little. I don’t need to be told time and time again. I’m reminded each day when I can’t reach something. I have a tall bed, I have to literally hop on it each night.
  • Don’t pretend you can’t see me. I hate this. People just don’t watch where they are going. The worst is the metro or crowds where they thing because you are little, they can smash you against a wall or around you. I always want to tap them and say…Um…Hi there is a person here. I personally don’t want to be standing directly below your armpit, no offense.
  • Sometimes, I really can’t see you. Our line of vision is straight. I can see you far away, but once you are closer, it’s hard to see you unless I look up.
  • Grocery shopping is always an adventure. They need to put the step stools for each aisle, so I don’t have to resort to climbing things or use long sticks to get what I need.


  • People can’t hear you.   This is a real problem, especially at work. I’ll be having an entire conversation with my boss or co-workers who are 6 feet for a few minutes, all of a sudden they look down and say wait were you talking to me. I have to poke them now and say I have something to tell you.
  • Chopsticks are our best friends. I use chopsticks for everything, eating, mixing, and reaching for things.
  • High-five. Not funny. No matter high I jump, I can’t ever reach.


  • You have to hem everything. Buying pants is a pain. Petite length ones always cost more than normal pants even though they use less material. When you buy normal size pants, you always have to hem everything. Why can’t things just fit?
  • There are a lot of empty shelves in your house. I know in my house, my entire top shelf is empty in the kitchen. If I can’t reach it without jumping on my countertop, I’m not going to put anything in it.
  • It’s hard to see over the steering wheel. It’s really difficult to see over the steering wheel when you are short and you have to sit really close to it. You become really good at guessing where the front is. Back in driver’s ed, I actually had to sit on a phone book. I have now upgraded to a seat pillow. Getting an SUV though, changes everything. You can see so much of the road.
  • You always have to be in front of the picture. I guess this is good and bad because you are short; you always have to be in front so nobody blocks you. For some reason, I still bend when I’m in front as if I’m blocking someone. I guess secretly I think I’m tall, but in reality, I’m not ever blocking anyone.


  • I’m a monster. Sanam always says that around me especially when she wears heels. She will turn to me, pat my head and say you are so little. I’m a monster next to you.  Both her and Karen have always been in awe at how small my shoe size is as well.  They say, your feet are SO tiny.
  • Fresher air. Izzy who is 6’2″, yes more than a foot taller than me said that the air is better up at his height.  It’s probably true, but ignorance is bliss. I don’t know what it’s like, so I don’t know if it is better air or not.
  • Weight is not forgiving. Being short means you are more compact, so when you gain a little bit of weight it shows. Tall people have more room to disburse the weight, we don’t. If I gain 5 lbs, you see it in my face. If I gain 10 lbs, you see it all over the place, more than 10 lbs…meet my new friend GYM. I’ll be spending many hours with him, don’t be jealous.
  • High heels just make you normal height. Adding on 4-5 inches to 5’1” makes you average height. I have come to terms that I will never be considered tall.


  • Long dresses will never look good. We are short, long dresses make us even shorter and drown us. I get so jealous when I see someone with a beautiful maxi dress on. I want, but sadly I can only look, but I can’t have.
  • Cute vs. Sexy. Sadly, cute always wins. Well you know what-sometimes, I just want to be sexy and not cute, but in people’s head, they relate shortness and tiny things to being cute.

But there are benefits of being short:

  • Easily maneuver crowds
  • Escape easily if needed because we can be quick and no one can see us
  • Hide in small places
  • Never worry about being pressured to be good at basketball
  • People usually feel bad and put your carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment as they watch us struggle.
  • Guys usually never let you carry heavy things.
  • When you can lift a big box, people are so impressed because it is half your size.  It makes you feel like Superman!
  • People don’t really yell at us. We’re so little, they feel bad, especially if you give a sad face like the one below. Paolo says not very many people can say no when they see this face.


If ALL fails and you still struggle with the fact that you are short? Remember this!



Ways to Get Fired by a Girl

wpid-img_105827697984312.jpegAnytime a man does something that makes you say “wow” and you tell Karen, she will either say, um boo give him another chance, but that’s few and far between. Most of the time, she will say he’s fired.

From all our conversations, here are ways that you can get fired. As a man, we advise you to avoid all of this.

    1. Commenting on her style. Unless she is an absolute slob, this is not your department.
    2. Making ANY comment about weight.
    3. Calling her trampy in any way.
    4. Too many expectations. Take a seat men, no one is perfect. You love someone as is if they want to change, they do it at their own accord.
    5. Taking a day to text back a line. No one has time for that game and at that point, this subscriber is no longer in service.
    6. Not making any effort. Just because you have a girl’s interest doesn’t mean you have her. You have to put effort in to keep the girl’s that are worth it.
    7. Breaking a promise.
    8. Not being aggressive enough. There is fine line between being a stalker and being bold. But call us old school, but it is definitely the man’s job to initiate the relationship before the rest can fall into place. The man should make the move.
    9. Having too many of his boys around ALL the time. Every guy needs his boys, but if they all are in their 30’s acting like they are 18, well, good luck trying to get them to be mature.
    10. Having too many girlfriends around. As Karen says, you never know if they are friendzoned into #99 out of 100 or in the top 10. You can have friends of the opposite sex, but when you have 100 good “girlfriends,” eventually no one will be cool with that.
    11. Be a gentleman. It’s important to have someone who is respectful to everyone. The man, who doesn’t pressure the girl to do anything she doesn’t want to, opens the doors, lends him your arm as you walk down the street, or fixes your car when it breaks down. When a man loses that and becomes a jerk to say it kindly, you are double-fired.
    12. Commitment issues. Don’t send mix signals. You can’t meet each other’s friends, do couple things together, and give the girl a house key but then can’t give her a call? Good girls will not stay around for that and when you realize it, it’ll be too late.
    13. Treat a girl like she’s an option. She said it best where men have to make a girl their priority. People make time for things they value and show interest.
    14. Clingy and needy. She calls this being thirsty. In her words, there is interest and there is suffocation.

If you want to know ways to win a girl’s heart, I wrote this up before in a nice package tied with a bow.  Click here to read 21 Things Women Want.


9 Favorite Things for Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season. The weather is perfect, the leaves change color, and of course the accessories are the best.

1-Knee High Boots- I love how cute knee-high boots are. You can wear them with jeans, a skirt, and pretty much any outfit you want. A pair of black and brown boots is a must.


2-Scarves- I am obsessed. I can’t help myself, anytime I see scarves, I want them. They are the best accessory to dress up any outfit.


3-Jackets- Again another must have accessory, especially jean ones.


4-Pumpkin Spice Latte This is my absolute favorite drink from Starbucks. Of course, make sure to get it skinny because it does have extra calories than just the regular ice coffee.


5-The Leaves- Who doesn’t love the leaves changing colors? It’s magical.


6-Most Romantic Time of the Year- I think fall is one of the most romantic times and it is the best time to walk hand in hand through the woods or snuggle by the fire.

7-Evening Walks- Need I say more?


8-Pumpkin Everything-


9-Tailgates- It is college football season. I’m not a fan, but the tailgate are the best.


There are so many more reasons to love fall and I hope you love it as well because it’s here!

6 Categories of Women According to P

wpid-img_177496801542183.jpegPaolo, Sarah, and I were at an event and I can’t remember why, but something came up about Paolo’s high school girlfriend and I lectured him on how inappropriate it was to have those things at that young of age.

Sarah was laughing and said are you serious? P said, yes she’s very special and innocent. Sarah said, awwee so she falls in the one you marry category.

That’s when I asked about these categories and she proceeded to explain that P categorizes women. After a long discussion with P the other night, we narrowed it down to 6 categories that women fall into. If it was up to him, he would have subcategories for each category. Remember being concise is so much better than using “fluffy” descriptions.

I had no idea that the categories and explanations could be so complex. I’m not going to lie; it made me giggle.

  1. One Hit Wonder- Count these as girls who are mentioned once or twice and they fall by the wayside. They might be the girl that you meet at the local coffee shop, think she’s cute, but nothing comes to fruition. Or you try and do all the right things and the girl does not respond or meet you halfway.
  2. Friend-zoned Paolo- Sad, this is when a man puts his heart on the line and declares his feelings for a woman, only to be told that the girl only sees him as a good friend. He actually lectured me on this whole topic of not friend-zoning people. I half-listened.
  3. Now Paolo’s Turn to Friend-zone- These are girls who like the man, but the feelings aren’t mutual. This includes the following: The tomboys, like a sister, and best friends without any sparks. It also includes a particular person that everyone else around you thinks would be a good fit for you, but you just can’t see it.
  4. Wrong Time, Wrong Place- Love is about luck and timing and these are the girls who you could see one day marrying, but you meet them at the wrong time in life. This includes the following: Recently single in their hot mess stage (P calls this the whore stage, not true. You can be a hot mess without doing anything naughty), already in a relationship (good or bad), not ready for anything serious, or she is only focused her career and nothing else, etc… The basic summary is that they are not ready to commit.
  5. No Strings Attached- He calls these “benifriends.” I don’t really understand this concept, I saw the movie with Ashton Kutcher and even in the movie they develop feelings. First off, how do you look at each other after? I would be so awkward, blushing, and a little embarrassed. How do you stay “just friends” and how do you not get jealous if the person starts dating someone else. I know people have these benifriends, but it’s a foreign concept to me, so I’ll leave it as that.
  6. Wife Material- This is the girl that you marry. He calls this the unicorn because it’s the ideal girl that you want; she has all the qualities that you are looking for to settle down with. She’s not the one that you just mess around with and toss aside. She’s the one you fight for and keep long-term.

P was like you are absolutely a unicorn. I said I hate being categorized as that and I’m totally not. I’m not obedient, nor domesticated, etc… P reminded me of my birthday present to him, which was a good-luck tie for his future career; he’s never had anyone give such a thoughtful gift, its wife material. My argument, but I give ties to other guy friends too like Mike or do special surprises for my good guy friends.

P said that being a unicorn should something to be proud of and never change because there aren’t that many women who fall into that category in this day and age. I guess who doesn’t love unicorns? They are white, pretty, and magical with rainbows following them wherever they go.

I hope you enjoy the 6 categories and if we missed anything let us know.

Sex and the City: Our Version

wpid-cymera_20140909_133420.jpgI am going to admit, I was a late bloomer to watch the show.

All of my friends watched it when it first came on HBO. I did not watch it until about two years ago, but I think it means much more to me and I can relate so much better now than if I watched it when I was 18 years old. All the girls will still say I’m very naïve, but I guess you can say it’s a blessing and a curse.

I can see why everyone loves the show because we can relate to one character in the show, but also certain aspects of the group. We all have a close group of girlfriends who we tell everything to, who we laugh with and cry with.

One day I was watching an episode where Carrie is dating someone new and they were sitting in the restaurant talking about the relationship. All of their reactions to the situation perfectly aligned with what all my girls would say. And it hit me, I am lucky enough to have that.

Moon, Karen, Savoy, and I all met in a very coincidence like way, but we have become like sisters. Moon, Karen, and Savoy all met through Jay. They all met him at different times through some sort of dating site, dating event, or MySpace, but unfortunately no sparks flew so they all became just friends.


I met the girls through my other best friend Shari, who met him through a dating site. Little did he know all of his dates would end up being best friends along with a random meeting with me? I guess you should say it was destiny. When we go out, we definitely know how to paint the town red and when we are alone together, our conversations will have you rolling in tears.

I am not going to share our convos, but if you could be a fly on the wall, you would just shake your head and laugh. We could be our own TV sitcom for sure with all our opinions and stories.

I think every girl relates more to one of the characters, but we can see ourselves in all of them. I think that is the reason why everyone was/is still obsessed with the show.

Samantha- This is Karen. She is a spitfire and has a fierce personality. Karen is successful, knows what she wants, and absolutely knows how to get it. She is much bolder, opinionated, and has a strong personality. She is a woman who dresses well, knows her self-worth, and she doesn’t let any man walk over her, nor does she let a man control her. She is her own person just like Samantha and she has said time and time again, it will take a very special man who fights like hell for her attention and commitment in order for her to say yes to marriage. But on the flip side, she does have a very romantic side that is more of a Charlotte when the occasion is right.

Carrie- This is Moon. She is very sweet, savvy, and sexy like Carrie. She can be a leader when needed, but in the group, she can also take a back seat. She can play both roles, which is what Carrie is very good at. She is the glue that holds all parties together because she can see all sides. Moon is very level headed; she is creative, fun, and carefree, except when it comes to work. She is a people person just like Carrie and she has a good heart.

Miranda- This is Savoy. Savoy, I already know you are going to say you are NOT Miranda, but I would say you have more of a Miranda demeanor when it comes to situations, but when you get a few drinks in you and are in party mode you become more of a Samantha. But overall, your answers, your actions, the way you view life and pose yourself are much more like Miranda.

Charlotte- Me. Karen laughs because I am very much like Charlotte. I miss a lot of jokes, I’m pretty innocent, and I have this picturesque life that I dream of. I am extra sweet, even why I try to be mean, it’s a pretty bad fail. I’m a romantic, and I want the husband, house and kids. I am the girl who still believes in fairy tales and happily ever after.

So here is our group of girls and all I can say is how lucky I am to have you all in my life. So ladies, if you ever need opinions on a situation, you can hear it from all four perspectives from the “You might not like what you want to hear” to “Everything will be sunshine and butterflies.”


Cancun Highlights-Tips for Things to See in Cancun and Isla Mujeres

wpid-cymera_20140831_070812.jpgDear Cancun,

Twinnie and I loved being with you every second and we are so sad to leave. You took care of us and gave us great memories. Out of all our trips, this was the most legendary as Barney would say in “How I Met Your Mother.” Even with intense rain, wind, and a few language barriers, we still love you and cannot wait to be reunited.

Every time Lisa and I travel together, we always have stories. I feel like we are the modern-day version of Thelma and Louise at times because some of these things I swear only happen to us. But thank you for keeping us safe and dealing with my attempts to communicate in Espanol.




Enough of the sentimental stuff, in all reality Cancun was amazing. We were able to do almost everything we wanted and we had a blast. And the best part, if you plan ahead you can do it on a budget.

Plus it makes everything so much easier when you head to a foreign country. Of course there are always a few hiccups.

Here is the recap of our trip, adventures, and my recommendations since I did so much research, why make you reinvent the wheel. You will also see me mention about tipping a lot. This is their living, so if you go on the tour, tip well. For tours, I usually tip $15-$20. Also, don’t worry about getting sick off of the food. Ironically, I ate there without an issue, but the only days I got sick was when we were in Cancun and the only food near us was American chain restaurants…I got sick from Chili’s and Hard Rock Café.

This time we split our time between Isla Mujeres (Island of the Women) and the hotel zone in Cancun. A little bit of logistics is required, but it is still worth it.  Here are some pics from the trip.

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Tips for the Airport Passports and Customs:

  • When you depart to any foreign country, remember when you get to the gate to go to get the OK docs stamp. If you do not have this, they send you back over.
  • Keep a pen close by to fill out your emigration form on the plane.
  • On the form, there are 3 sections. Most people only fill out the top portion because the second portion says official use. If you see the bottom, it is where you declare for your family.
  • When you go through customs, they will give you a piece of the emigration paper that you need to keep with you to get back to the US. No paper, no flight. Just kidding, but one of the passengers lost the ticket and had to pay $30 for a new one.
  • Here is how I keep mine. I have a passport cover where I have my passport, a few credit cards, and I stick the paper in the pocket so I always have it when I get to the airport. I know it will never get lost because it never leaves the room.


Prearrange your shuttle:

Most shuttles can cost anywhere from $20-$36 one way. I booked our shuttle through Cancun Discounts for $12 one-way. It costs a little bit more because we had to buy two one-way tickets versus a round-trip, but it was only $24 plus tip and only 8 people in the van. I know people have asked before, I am not a tipping etiquette expert, but I always give a $1 for each piece of luggage including your carry-on and $1 for you, which usually ends up being $3-$5 each time. If they do something extra special, I give more.

The reason I suggest booking ahead is because when you head out, there are just swarms of people asking if you want to get a ride. It can be overwhelming and you never know the cost. By booking ahead of time, you know where to go and someone is usually waiting with your name.

Isla Mujeres

This island is only 5 miles long, but it is beautiful. We had so much fun here. Also, the whole island is safe, the people are friendly, it is tranquil and not commercialized, and we were told that there is zero crime on there. You will need to fact check this, but it makes sense. Apparently the last murder happened many years ago and the guy escaped to Cancun and the police where just waiting for him on the other side.

Ferry to Isla Mujeres

There are 3 ports that you can take to Isla Mujeres. There are also two different ferries. If you go, always ask the driver to take you to the Ultramar, it is bright yellow. The other one is super slow. On the boat, someone always sings to you on the top. Make sure you have a few dollars ready to tip him. It is the only way they make a living and they are actually really good. The boats run every 30 minutes and the last boat to the hotel zone is 5:30 PM. If you feel like you want to stay later, go to the Puerto Juarez dock. Those run much later and you can catch a taxi back into town.

A round-trip ticket is only $12. For more information, click here.


Recommended Tour Guide:

I booked everything ahead of time with Mariel from Isla Mujeres Trips. She is absolutely amazing. She is extremely responsive, her prices are one of the bests that I have found and she really cares about her customers. I asked a bazillion questions and she always answered them. I was so impressed I brought her a gift from the states, she asked for Yankee Candles.

I booked every tour I could through her and it’s worth it because if something happens, the one tour company has all of the information in one place and has the ability to make changes. The day before I arrived I checked in with her and told her what time I was expected to arrive on the island. She had the golf cart waiting and she knew it was my dream to swim with the Whale Sharks; she looked at the weather for me each day. Unfortunately, it was windy, so she had me change around a few tours for a better chance to go out.

*So I did not have GPS, so I had to go find her shop on foot. You all know how bad I am with directions, so it took some time to find it. I had to ask 5 people in Spanish because not as many people spoke English and no one really knew. To go to her shop, get off the ferry, cross the street by Senor Frogs. Keep walking down the alley until you hit Hildalgo. There should be a huge open area with a church on your right and a delicious green Gelato/Coffee Shop on your left. FYI this shop has amazing gelato, the owner is from Italy. Take a left and go down about 3 streets and she should be the second shop on the left.


Since it is a small island, most of the hotels are smaller. There are a few really nice ones, but they are pricey since most are bed and breakfasts. I got our hotel off Hotwire for $36 a night plus tax. Our hotel was Villas Coco Resort.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say it is a 6 because of the service. I think the front desk guy hated us or found us really entertaining, we do not know which. He was the one that spoke English, but I am pretty sure he was always like ugh these girls with their questions ALL the time. So as a lesson, when we really needed to ask something, only a Spanish-speaking worker was at the front desk. I was trying to ask how to check out and get a taxi, it was a sight.

Here is the conversation:

  • Me: Hola, pregunta.
  • Senor: Si?
  • Me: Salida de hotel 5:30 AM. Persona aqui?
  • Senor: Noche. Si and pointed to the hours on the sign of their office hours. (He kept thinking I was checking out that night and I forgot how to say morning)
  • Me: No, manana. No noche. 5:30 AM.
  • Senor: Looks at me and shakes his head. We were stumped. So I had to do hand gestures.
  • Me: Salida de hotel cuando el sol and I pointed up. Then I said, 5:30 y buenos dias and did the sleeping gesture and the waking up gesture which in my language saying Exit the hotel when the sun goes up. That did not work, so I said 5:30 and good morning.
  • Senor: Oh, 5:30 A.M! I was so excited. I told him Neccessito reservation por taxi: Seis.
  • When he said OK! I have never been happier in my life.

The hotel is tucked inside the island about 15 minutes from downtown via golf cart, but it was close to the turtle farm, Sea Life Discovery and other attractions. The room was very clean and spacious, especially the bathroom. They also had a person keeping watch from 7 AM to 11 PM, so it was safe. They had a mini fridge along with a sink. They even gave us breakfast, which was fruit and toast.


Overall, I would recommend this place. If you plan on being on the beach most of the time, I would suggest getting one closer to town so you are walking distance to the beach and you can use the golf cart to get around or a taxi.

Day 1:

I arrived early in order to check into the hotel, get our tours in place, and pick up our sexy ride around the island…a golf cart.



Lisa and I did not have cell service, so I had texted her instructions beforehand how to get to the island and had to wait for her to come. The problem was she was supposed to arrive around 5:30-6 PM. She did not get there until 7 PM. My biggest fear was that she got lost somewhere or got on the wrong shuttle.

The workers there told me that there was no way the shuttle would drop her at any other place. They thought I was crazy and made up an imaginary friend, so when she arrived I said see…Mi Amiga aqui! I knew the boat came every 30 minutes, so I wandered in between. When she finally came, it was so funny because she saw me for a second and wondered where I was. We both were taking pictures of this rainbow.


Again proof that we are twins.

Our transportation around the island was a golf cart. It is about $47-$50 a day to rent and you must have your driver’s license to do so. When she arrived and I took her to the golf cart, she pointed to a guy and said is he our driver. I looked at her and said, no me! She was busting up laughing.


Day 2:

Tortugranja (Turtle Farm)

The turtle farm is the best! When we run across people we tell all of them to go there. The admission is only $3 plus $2 for turtle food. I would include about $5-$10 for tip as well. The place is run on fees and donations. It is a turtle sanctuary where they take care of turtles until they are released and some of the older turtles are kept there because they cannot survive in the wild.


All of the workers speak very little English, but they are so nice. I introduced Lisa and me, after that we got the VIP tour. I sort of felt bad for all the other tourists because they did not get to experience what we did. When you first enter, there are about 5 pools with large turtles and an aquarium. I asked the guy if we could hold the Tortugas, which I did by holding my hands together and saying tocar Tortugas?

He took us to a secret place and we got to hold every type of turtles from babies to ones that are a few years old. He also took my hand and had me hold the big sea turtle, but it almost bit my hand off.

The guy in the picture is one of the workers; he dug up these baby turtles and let us hold it.


So within 5 seconds of their life, they were already introduced to the power of a selfie. And just like me, my turtle was raising his hand to say pick me for this picture opportunity!


So of course, Lisa and I always have a story. When we got turtle food, Lisa was so excited to feed it. She not only fed them some food, but also her phone. I grabbed the closest guy and the only thing I knew how to say was ayuadame (help me) which I learned from Dora the Explorer. He came and got it for Lisa.

Here is the phone in the water: Here is the guy who saved the phone:



Here is Lisa showing the guy who gave us the VIP tour her phone. He just shook his head.


Here is Lisa trying to clean it up, but she was such a good sport. She was smiling and laughing the whole time.


If you go, please check it out. Here is the website.


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Sea Life Discovery and a secret love affair

Click here for the website.


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When they say once in a lifetime experience, this is totally it. We had the best time. We booked the sea life discovery plus package where you can swim with the manatees, sea lions, nurse shark, and dolphins. It was worth every penny.


When we got there, the first thing we did was get rice for Lisa’s phone. We had to improvise and use the bag from the turtle food.

Here is Lisa and Carlos who got her rice. We were extremely lucky. We were the only two people with the sea-lion and manatee, so we had all the time in the world. We loved both of them. They were so cute, but both Lisa and I loved the manatees. They are vegetarian and so sweet.


Here is the story for this activity: My Lover as Lisa calls him

There are 3 stations in front of the lockers. I went to the first one and asked for a towel. He said, anything you need beautiful lady, but towels are 2 stations down. I handle pictures. He asked for our names and after that, Lisa jokes because he basically followed us around and took care of everything for us when we got our pictures. He took care of the DVDs, escorted us to pay, and of course it would not be complete without a few awkward moments. We wanted to negotiate a deal to get our pictures together for the dolphins. It was really expensive, but he said free for a picture of you and me. Once we got our pictures, he came and looked at the pictures and said this picture was beautiful, but it would be better if I was right there. Jose actually asked me out that night, but I told him we had to shower and clean up. And because my name was on my DVD, he found me on FB and…I denied.

The whole day if I asked him anything, he was like anything you need, anything you want Lisa got nominated the night before for the ALS Downtown. He could not even find a bucket for us. He said I will get you anything else, I said, what I need is a bucket with ice water. He totally failed.  FYI:  We wanted so badly to have the dolphins jumping in the background of our video.  We asked the managers if it was possible.  It was pretty funny, even with all our charms, they said no it would scare the dolphins.


*Story of the Day

In the morning, we got out of the hotel and the golf cart did not start.  We had to ask the guy at the front desk.  Of course as soon as he came, he just tapped the gas a few times and it worked.  Then I get in cart and try to it does not work again.  I think he must have been watching us because after watching us struggle just a little bit longer, he came back over and pressed it again.  He must have been shaking his head at these dumb American girls who have no idea how to even work a golf cart and we screamed when we saw a crab.

Day 3:

Whale Shark

First off, if you do not know what a whale shark is, they are amazing. Here you go.

All of you know how obsessed I am with these animals. Well, sadly, I want to say I totally was able to swim with them, but Mother Nature had other plans. The wind was so strong the whole time we were there that the harbor shut down. I was so bummed, I tried to convince Mariel that there was no wind even though it was blowing really hard and the skies looked dark.  This just means I have to come back.

Playa Norte

Click here for information.

You can rent a little umbrella with 2 chairs for $15 a day.

Pictures speak 1000 words.

Punta Sur & Ixchel Temple

This had a great view, but we did not see the temple. It costs $3 and people used to pray for good fertility there, but it’s tiny! I don’t even think my butt would fit in it

Click here for information.

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Floating Bottle Island

Here is the link.

This is a must see. Richard, the guy living there used to be a carpenter in England. He one day got inspiration to come to Isla Mujeres and build this island out of plastic bottles.

We had no idea to expect, but he’s made it an entire home by himself. He even has running water, solar panels to get electricity, and a solar oven. He has a guest room. He asks for about a $5 donation per person.

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Playa Tiburon

Here is the link.

There isn’t much here. You can get some food, a drink, and the reason we went there is to take a picture with a shark. Well a nurse shark.

I remember I did it last time I was in Cancun and the shark was much smaller and also much calmer. This one is much wilder, larger, and I made it mad!

*Story of the Day

Golf Cart Adventure

This was probably the one time during the trip that I was nervous.  We had to return the golf cart by 9 PM and it was a must because Mariel kept my driver’s license and we had to leave for the ferry at 6 AM the next day.  So our plan was to return the golf cart, eat dinner, and take a taxi back.

We are on our way to downtown and all of a sudden the golf cart stops.  Both of our first reaction was crap.  I tried to turn it on a few times and it still did not work.  So I got out and looked around.  Unfortunately, it was a pretty desolate road.  I start walking down a road where I see lights. Lisa is slowly following me.

I notice that there is something that looks like a fire truck.  I head over and of course asked “hables English?”  He said very little.  So again, thank you Dora…I asked for help in Spanish.  He came over and said no gasoline.  I then looked at him and said de donde gas station?  He said 3 Kilometers.  First off, ugh…I am so ignorant, but I have no idea how to convert kilometers to miles.  So I said, neccesito taxi.  I think he must have felt bad, but we pushed the golf cart and he went running into the house and came back with a giant bottle of gas for us.

It was so nice and all we have to say is that we have angels protecting us at all times.

Cancun Hotel:

We stayed at the Krystal Grand Punta Cancun Hotel. I got the hotel again on Hotwire for $68 a night in the hotel zone. I did not have that many expectations, but the hotel was very nice. I would recommend it to anyone.


The employees were very nice. The night before Chichen Itza, I realized that I had never gotten a solid confirmation for our pick-up time. My twin watched me run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get a hold of someone to make sure. While she was fast asleep, I was looking up phone numbers, email addresses, anything.

I walked downstairs and the employee said to go back to sleep and wake up at 5:30 AM and they can call them for us. This type of service is why I would go back and recommend them to anyone.

Here is the view



The building was beautiful. The rooms were spacious and clean. Also, it was only about a 5 minute walk to downtown where all the clubs were. Here we are getting our tan on.


Day 4: Tulum and Xel-ha

Tulum was beautiful and it is actually another ruin temple that was created by the Mayans. If you compare the two pictures, many of the ruins look alike.

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Tulum is on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It is a must see. When we went, it was SO windy that it was really hard to take good pictures. So here is our best.  Here is a glimpse of how strong the wind was:



We loved this place. There is so much to do and see. Here is the link for tickets.



We did the half day tour. I would not have done it that way. I would have done Tulum and Coba.


We were extremely rushed at Xel-Ha. I would recommend spending the entire day there. You can do so many things.



Lazy River (Not so lazy river, there is no currents)


Zip Line


Cliff Jumping


And if you wanted…Swimming with the Dolphins


And….You can get married too. Just kidding


*Story of the Day:

Mariel knew how much I wanted to see the whale sharks, so she changed our tours to make sure that we go on a day with the lowest chance of high winds. Unfortunately, that was every day. We were supposed to go swim with the whale sharks and come back around 3 PM.  Then we would stay at the beach, check out of the hotel and head over to Cancun to check into the hotel.

Well, plans changed and luckily my Twin is so easy-going.  I think Mariel thought we were going to be picked up in a big van, but I told her we had to take the luggage with us. Well, all of us were very surprised when the van did not have a trunk, especially the drivers.

We started the day getting to the ferry at 6 AM. Look how empty it is.


Then we had to take the luggage on the shuttle.  The driver took one look at us and was like oh my gosh…these girls.

We actually had to transfer a few times since we went to a few places, the drivers had to transfer our luggage all over the place.  Don’t worry, we felt bad, so we tipped them well.

On top of that, we had to take our luggage in Xel-Ha.  Again, they had lockers for us because I’m sure we aren’t the only people in this situation, but they could not find the key for the large lockers, so we had to place it behind the information desk.



Day 5: Chichen Itza

This was one of our favorite tours. Chichen Itza is considered one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. The history behind the entire Mayan people and the temple is fascinating. I love this stuff, but even my twin was enthralled and she’s not a big history person.

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We booked ours through Amigo Tours and we paid a little more for the early access tour and it was absolutely worth it. I would recommend this company to anyone. Not only is the tour guide really good, but you beat everyone to the place aka you get to take the best pictures!

The tour only has about 17 people and the tour guide is really good. Ours was Freddy.

He gave us a history lesson, which I tried really hard to stay up for, but my eyes were going cross-eyed trying to focus.

We even learned how to do Mayan math, which he called me out to do, but I got a sexy lab partner in the car who helped me out.


I have no idea how, but he already knew I loved selfies, so he nicknamed me selfie girl. Annnddd…here he is jumping into one of my selfies.


*Story of the Day:

The early tour picked us up at 6:15 AM. I had not had my coffee, so when we go into the bus, Allan was there with 5 other guys and he introduced himself.  He learned that I loved country and we say y’all.  At one point, he said, we want a Linda and Lisa show.  I said, if you get me coffee I will give you a show.

Later on, we all became friends and on the tour, Freddy was talking about the sacrifice culture and they called Manny and said they would take his body and eat it.  He turned to us and said, “That’s right B&t*hes.”  It made our day.  At the end of the day as we left the bus, Allan was like she’s my Facebook friend and none of you guys’ and he said the only people who stay at our hotel were celebrities. What can you say…we entertain people everywhere we go.

Here is a selfie with my new buddy. We bonded over the need for coffee.

wpid-cymera_20140906_142309.jpgAnd here is my twinnie eating the lunch they provided us after.


Now I always do this so my Twin and I can remember when we are older. Here are some of our favorite memories and new things we learn about each other even after 4 years and many trips together.


  • This is epic
  • We have all the time in the world. Me: Twin, we really don’t, our next activity starts at ___.
  • This is the life.
  • Did you hear that? (As I crack my neck)
  • You want lounge chair, drink? No? What about Mexican boyfriend? I’m free.
  • T-shirt for you? What about your boyfriend? Ex-Boyfriend? How about a Mayan boyfriend, cheaper than Wal-Mart.

New Information:

  • When Lisa gets hangry…you better get food in her. I felt like a mom, I brought crackers and snacks so that I made sure she wasn’t hungry. She doesn’t function well
  • I found out Lisa was raised by her grandma and that she had a brother who died at birth. Who knew?
  • She stays up forever! I swear, I’m dead asleep, but even she gets tired at times.  She actually fell asleep earlier than me a few nights. I was shocked.
  • My Twin does not do well when she’s tired.  On one of our tours, she asked for a break. When it’s hot, she does not do well.
  • She found out my biggest thing that makes me angry is bad pictures because I take such good ones of everyone and all I ask for is one good pic.  So you will see that all our pictures are the same because I take the first picture for her and she copies the angle.  Our goal next trip is NOT to fight at all. As long as she copies my pictures and I keep her fed, life is wonderful.  As you can tell, our friendship is exactly like we are sisters.
  • She has a OCD to make sure her car and door is locked.


  • Recording me snoring. Lisa has heard about my snoring, but I woke her up with it and…she recorded me.
  • I was so dramatic one night. We wanted to make a collage, but one of the pictures needed to be downloaded, but we had no WiFi, I turn to her and said, “IT CAN’T BE DONE!”
  • We made a rule so we would not lose everything. Everything goes in my bag, nothing in our hands.
  • Trying to take sexy beach pictures.  On Instagram, it looks so much better.


  • Mind-reading.  The funniest part about our friendship is that we have truly become family.  Even though we can’t always be with each other, it’s crazy how we end each other’s thoughts.  One time, I asked her to set her alarm, she was making collages on her phone and said later.  I could not sleep and a few minutes later I woke up and said Twin did you set the alarm, she said not yet.  I was scared she would fall asleep and we would miss our tour, so I turned and started saying, twinnie and she said, I knew you were going to ask me to set it right now.
  • There was a salamander in the room, Lisa freaked out and called the front desk guy to get it, but he killed it. She was like I only wanted you to take it away, but he did not speak English.  She looks at me and I was like meh.
  • One of my favorite moments was when I dropped Lisa off to pick up crackers, sunblock, and eye drops for the beach.  10 minutes later, she comes back out in a different bathing suit along and that’s it.  I said, did you grab the crackers, she said, crap I changed, put in eye drops, and charged my phone.  1 out of 3 isn’t bad haha.
  • She is obsessed with her phone.  That’s why we work so well. I love her for just being her.  Being on her phone, taking selfies everywhere, and pictures of random thing, being free, not a worry in the world, and carefree. She doesn’t think about danger, what is happening next, she’s just Lisa. She lives in the moment and so happy in it.  It’s very hard to find someone like that these days. Most of us like me, worry about everything and trust me it’s very bad for your heart. Here is her and her phone.



  • She loves me for my obsession with coffee and news in the morning.  She says I’m such a grown-up.


  • One of my favorite things about us is the fact that we NEVER stop talking.  The only time we are silent is when we are making collages or on FB.


  • On our last night in Isla Mujeres, it rained like crazy.  We hid inside a random restaurant and we ran into an older gentleman who Lisa recognized. He used to go to her parent’s restaurant.  They say the world is 6 degrees of separation, more like 2, but who knew you would run into someone in Isla Mujeres.


  • Twinnie was so sweet to try to get a good picture with the love sign. She was getting so frustrated why the picture turned out blurry, but we finally figured it out. 30 minutes later and probably 50 pictures. We got a good one.  Twinnie thank you for doing that, it was so cute.


Adios Cancun! Until 2015, no more wind por favor so I can finally swim with my whale sharks. Please do not make me go to the Atlanta Aquarium to swim with it because I have to by 30. It is not as cool. My twin even said…I cannot believe that is your back-up plan. Swim with Whale Sharks in the ocean vs. an aquarium. #fail.



Why Everyone Needs a Passion

wpid-img_24338624249466.jpegHave you ever taken a step back and asked if you are a passionate person?

If so, what are you passionate about? Being passionate creates drive and direction for a person.

It is the reason to be ambitious, to be good at something, take care of the people around you, and to love.

Passion can be depicted in so many ways. It can be tangible like loving to paint, dancing, or playing an instrument. You love to create something that other people can enjoy. Some people are passionate about their opinions: politics, religion, or current events. For some people, it is related to sports and that’s perfectly fine.

Passion can be a good and a bad thing. When people are too passionate I think it can create tunnel vision and a lot of arguments, but no passion is even worst. Everyone needs one passion in life. I am a very passionate person, which I fully admit I am way too much at times. So at times, I have to control my passionate side.

Karen and I were talking about how important passion in a relationship is and for your life. She thinks it is so important to have passions of your own and have passions together. In Karen’s words, if you have no passion, you have no drive and she apologized, but they will not be passionate in the bedroom, which is crucial to making a relationship work. Let me reiterate, it’s not everything, of course you need to be compatible, but passion is important too.

Without that piece of passion, two people can fall into a friendship versus a partnership. There are so many relationships that start off well and as years go by and the passion fades, they become comfortable together, but they don’t love each other nor are they happy. They are just living.

Here are my passions in a nutshell: Traveling, exploring, trying new things, capturing moments in pictures, making my parents happy, and building relationships with my friends, and making things look pretty. If it can be bedazzled, it will be bedazzled…Trust me. I would also say I am passionate about the stock market, finding deals, and shopping.

Those are my personal passions, when you move into a relationship, you start building passions together (other than physical passion), but I think they go hand-in-hand. Passion makes a person keep things exciting, keep the relationship fresh, and it also helps both of you grow together.

I look at my parents who have been happily married for 31 years. They spend every waking moment together. The reason their marriage has been so happy, they are passionate about their kids. That is their soul passion and purpose. Polly mentioned her passion is the kids too.

Mitch’s parents are extremely passionate about collecting turtles. It is something that they love to do together. They enjoy finding turtle themed things together. It is a special bond they have.

Sydney’s parents have a group of friends that they go tailgating during college football season. They buy season tickets, they love going to the tailgates together, watching the game, and dressing up in their Ute gear.

Enough examples, you get the picture, but I never actually thought about my question until this topic came up. Take a moment and think about your personal passion(s). If you are in a relationship, think about your passions together and how you can reignite the fire as cliché as it sounds.

Live a life full of passion and no regret.