Heels, Heels, Heels

Every girl needs the following heels to make you feel sexy…

  1. The Basic Black…always goes with everything
  2. Sexy lipstick red peep toe heels
  3. Animal print to spice a boring outfit up
  4. Neutral color like beige or light grey.
  5. Of course I am always a fan of pink shoes too. An all-black dress with hot pink heels looks fab.

Aline has influenced a lot of people for to better. Ps. she wears heels 24/7. Beyoncé did as well up until the day she gave birth.  Aline played a role in Jessie going from jeans and tees to becoming a totally glammed sex and the city girl strutting down the streets of NYC in 4 inch heels.  Sex and the City style…

I cannot wear them all the time since I fall a lot, but my shoe collection is not lacking. But I try to wear them as much as I can.

All of my sisters and I wear high heels and we took family portraits the other day. He asked how we did it.  One word ladies…practice and tricks….

Wash and walk. When I get a new pair, I always wear them around the house for a day or two doing housework to break them in.
Get platforms. It gives you height without killing your feet. These are my favs from Aldo.
Pay more. Aldo, guess, and Steve madden are some of the most comfortable ones that I would recommend based on my Aline, Jessie, me, and my sisters recommendations. The heels that hurt the worst are JLO’s and Jessica Simpson.
Inserts. Heels were created by men. Inserts must have been created by women. Aldo has some affordable gel ones that lessen the pain of wearing heels too long.

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