Just a little taste at Basignani Winery

I found some great local wine deals on Travel Zoo.

I have always associated wine with a bad memory.  When I was 20, I was at Megan, my dear co-worker and now friend’s wedding, when I had my first horrible sip.   I was sitting on a table with Alice, who is an 87 year old firecracker.  Seriously, she still works, rides bikes, and her social schedule is busier than anyone I have ever met.  Anyways, she thought I was “too squeaky clean,” so she wanted me to break the law by shoving a spoon full of red wine when I was not looking.

After that first taste, Alice laughed and said, “How does it feel to break the law?”  I laughed, but after that I could not drink wine again.

The Basignani Winery was wonderful.  It has a very nice and calm atmosphere.  We went on a stormy day, but if you get to go when it’s sunny, I would suggest bringing a picnic.  The owner and wife were there and I think they live there because they made pizza.  When we first arrived, it was a little hectic since a tour just came in, but they got us a spot to start the tasting within about 10 minutes. Our tasting expert, I’m not sure if that’s the official title, but her name was Kristy and she was so nice.  She explained each one and it was very interesting to hear where each one came from.

When we were doing the tasting, I loved the dessert wines and it was not as bad.  I would never buy a bottle, but I’m starting to like going to a tasting here and there.  I feel very sophisticated eating crackers and cheese with the wine.

Here are my favorites from each section:

White: Chardonay

Red: Merlot

Dessert: Vidal or Rissen (Both DELICIOUS)

They also gave us this bottle to bring home as well.

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