Fall…The best time of year…

Fall and winter are my favorite clothing season. I just think the clothes flatter people and there are more things you can accessorize.

My twin  aka (Lisa) texted me saying she has no idea how to dress for fall.  It’s all about scarves, jackets, and sweaters.  You also have to have a pair of knee high boots.

A scarf can make any outfit look fabulous and I would recommend bright colors and patterned ones.  My sister sent me this website showing you different ways to tie a scarf.

Ps. I saw a lady in DC with a green coat, it was so dang cute. If you see one…try it on. It is absolutely adorable.

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2 Responses to Fall…The best time of year…

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi twin!! Miss you so much! Wish I could see you 😦

  2. Lisa says:

    P.S. Fall is definitely the best time of year. It’s so pretty!!

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