Metro + Negative people= Miserable ride

In Utah, public transportation is sort of this thing that people talk about, but its sort of not a reality. I think more people are using it now, but DC and other big cities its a way of life.

Even after a year in DC, I do not think I will ever get used to the metro. My girlfriend Idalia has never had a car and she’s been in her apt for 9 years now.  I do not know how she does it.

I feel like I am a character on pacman everyday trying to avoid the people. I zigzag in all directions to get to try and onto the metro.

You may think this is funny but rush hour is no joke here and just like DC drivers, if they can cut on person off to jump on the train in front of you they will.  I have been pushed out of the metro, unable to leave on my stop because it is too crowded, smashed in a corner below someone’s arm pit, or I always seem to sit next to the person who chooses to take up 1 1/2 seats with all their stuff and unwillingly moves it.

I have concluded being in a real life pacman stinks.

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