Hurricane Sandy- Day 3- And the waiting begins…

I must say, growing up in UT, our weather is very predictable.  If it is supposed to be cold, it should be cold.  In DC, you never know what to expect.  I’ve only been here for 1 ½ years and I’ve already been through 2 hurricanes, 1 earthquake, and a freak thunderstorm that shut our power out for days.

Even with that, it’s bad, but I am very excited about a free day off.  We never had a snow day in UT and now I get 2, maybe 3 hurricane days…I will take it!

The entire area is officially shut down for the 29th and 30th.  I spent the day watching the news waiting for this storm to hit DC.  I swear when you are “hunkered” down in your house, you tend to eat more.  I feel like that’s all I did was snack.  I did not have a real meal, but just a bunch of little snacks.

I cleaned up my room, house, sent some emails, and caught up with some friends.  It’s been great, but now that the storm actually hit the area, it is not so great.  There is a lot of places close by without power and it’s a mess outside.  The wind is extremely strong and the roads are slick from the rain.

DC has a lot of trees and in the last freak thunderstorm; people have either been seriously injured or died from a tree falling from them.  Since the trees are so old, sometimes they may have dead roots without anyone knowing.

Well, I survived my first real hurricane and I have one picture with Hello Kitty in the storm as well.

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