Shahs of Sunset…where is the reality show about Asians

I have to admit, I love everything on Bravo and I love every reality TV show on including Shahs of Sunset. I think this show is so ridiculous because they are so crazy out of control with every aspect of their life. Aren’t you sick of all that drama in your life? I like my life peaceful, thank you very much.

I told S that why the heck do Persians get a show for spending money and being dramatic. Why don’t they have one with all Asians…everyone knows that we are Crazians. If we had a show, it would include the following (I can say it because I’m Asian):
1. Our love of taking pictures, especially of food
2. Making our kids study all the time even when we are in summer school
3. Owning a Lexus, Honda, or Toyota
4. Love of Hello Kitty
5. Always posing with the peace sign…it stands for victory people
6. We are more savers than spenders, but we still like to buy things
7. Using chopsticks for almost everything, including getting things off the shelf
8. Either appeasing our parents forever or being a rebel. There is no middle ground with Asians
9. Living life much shorter than our peers, but trust me our brains work just as fast!
10. Always calculating things in our head…As S says I am a walking calculator

Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

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