Yes, I truly believe I have dealpression.  Since both S and I purchase deals through different sites, the worst thing to do is have a deal that expired.  In order to avoid this, I created an excel sheet with the site, expiration, and type (food, activity, etc…) to avoid this.

It makes me really happy when the sheet is full of deals that I can choose from.  Recently, S and I have not really found that many deals so our list has been dwindling.

As I see the list shrink, I get sad.  Last weekend, I had to remove one more deal off the list and I just handed the phone to S and said, “Look, our deal life is ending.” S laughed and told me that he will replenish my stock.  The sad part is that we still have 10 deals left to use, but I want more!

Maybe it’s like those who get sad due to the weather changes; I get sad when I hear the thought of savings disappearing.

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