One way ticket to Mars…

Who wants a ticket to um…possible death? Well actually Mars, but I guess a lot of people want to go. This is not sponsored by NASA, but privately funded. The One Mars Project is trying to send a group of people to permanently live on Mars. My biggest worry is how will they even know if the people can make it alive to Mars?

People from all over the world signed up and the most is Americans, which is very interesting. We talked about this at work and maybe they are building another America up there.

First off, I had so many questions going through my head like, how many women are they sending because if it’s a one way ticket, they are definitely expected to raise a family.
How are they going to know how to build a habitat to live at and what if one of them has a baby?

It will be so interesting. You can check out some of the applicants on the site.

To learn more about this, click here.

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