Nail Polish Tip

If you are like me, you hate it when you just finished painting your nails and there is a smudge. Nail polish takes forever to dry in my opinion.

I found a trick online and I thought it was a bunch of BS, but why not try it. It requires dipping your nail polish in ice. Surprisingly, it works!

Here is how you do it:
1. Put on the first coat of nail polish. Wait for 2 minutes and dip your fingers in the bowl of ice water for 20 seconds
2. Take it out and do it again for 20 seconds
3. Dry your hands with a towel and put the second coat of nail polish on
4. Wait for 4 minutes for the top coat to semi-dry
5. Dip your fingers in the ice water twice in 20 second increments
6. Enjoy amazingly shiny and dry nails

FYI- There is no need for a top coat either! Mine have lasted a full week without a chip.



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