Single life- Take 1

Cindy, Lisa, all of them remember the days when I was single and having so many relationship issues juggling people.  Poor Cindy would have to deal with all the men I would meet at all the MBA conferences.  As she says, if only I had a little bit of your charisma.

Last night was my first big night out as a single girl on the town!  Um…it was definitely an adventure.

First off, I got off work to head to a happy hour after work.  My bestie Des was running later and would not be at DuPont until 7.  I was walking across the street and unfortunately not looking.  I have been so well trained with Soheil always watching out for me, that I started walking without really looking.  I mean, S truly always made sure I was safe.  All of a sudden an arm comes across me and says hold it.  I thanked him and we started talking.  I told him he basically saved my life.  He invited me over to Front Page, which is where I was until it was time to go to HH at Current. It ends up he works for another agency at DOJ.

I met so many people at Current, but here are the top moments:

  1. The best looking guy in the room…Gay.  My friend bumped me into him because we thought there was a chance…well there is no chance when WOMEN are not their cup of tea.
  2. I was sitting texting a friend and a man came over and started speaking to me.  He is a high end escort.  I thanked him and ran over to my friend Vishnu and said why he did not protect me?  I know, I did not even now these guys existed.
  3. Two Asian guys argued that I was either white, Bolivian, or mixed because I have such big eyes.
  4. Another guy approached me, but was too nervous to talk.
  5. Finally, everyone is silent and shocked when I tell them I’m from Utah. Most say, you’re the first Utahn I’ve met.

Best pick-up lines from last night:

  1. I lost my number, can I have yours?
  2. You don’t have to text me anymore, I’m right here
  3. I just saved your life, so you owe me. Let me take you out.

Unfortunately this is only the beginning of the ridiculousness.

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