My Dad is the cutest person in the world.  Sometimes he has such a hard time understanding phrases in English.  The other day, my dad has not answered my text messages for a while, so I told him “Daddy, you poofed.”
My Dad turns to my sister:           Poofed?  What does she mean? 
My sister:                                            You know Dad, poofed gone!
My Dad:                                               Gone?  Where did she go?
My sister:                                            She means you have disappeared.
My Dad:                                               Why? I am here.

Poofed…it is still a mystery to him. This is only part of why I love my Dad. So endearing.


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One Response to Poofed…??!!!??

  1. Lisa says:

    Hahaha, gotta love our Asian dads 🙂

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