Why are you so horrible with your phone and would you date me?

You can ask anyone, I’ve always been the worst person about my phone.  The only time I’m better is when I’m dating someone seriously.

I went on a date with someone who works at Freddie Mac. We met when I was out with my girlfriends and of course being in banking, we had a lot to talk about.  He texts me all through the day and at the end of the night or on the bus, I’ll finally get back to him with one text.  Again, I don’t know why he wanted to still ask me out.

I asked him what he was looking for at dinner. He told me friendship and then dating.  I said perfect because I am looking for the same thing. I spent almost an entire hour talking about my last relationship and how I am not ready for anything serious.  I told him, I deserve to have fun and experience life after 2 years of dedicating my heart to one man.

He told me, if I found the right man, he would never want to leave me.  At that point, I put him in a friend zone, so I even asked if he knew anyone else at Freddie to set me up with.

During the date, he asked me why I’m so bad with the phone. I told him, I’m in meeting most of the day for the end of the year. 

At the end of the date, we said our goodbyes.  He texted me about 30 minutes later telling me that he thinks I’m so sweet and beautiful.  He also asked if I see us dating?  I just ignored the question.  He asked me it several more times and I’m still trying to think of a kind response.

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