Take me on a Magic Carpet Ride…

untitledTwin, I wrote this just for you.  Everyone who knows me understands that I am a big romantic.  It comes from watching WAY too many romantic comedies and growing up on Disney movies.

One of the last things I told S was why can’t you be my Aladdin and I am Jasmine and we fly away on a magic carpet and live happily ever after.  Ok, totally ridiculous, but what can I say.  I am who I am.

It’s definitely hard to sit and wonder how in a relationship one person can love another so much and not feel like it is not reciprocated.  Also, how could I be so blind?  And everyone deserves to be loved.

Since college, I have always attracted Middle Eastern men for some reason, when I dated only Caucasians all my life.  For better or for worst, it all changed in MBA School with one particular person.

I went on a date with another Middle Eastern I met out actually on another date when he went to get me a drink.  All is fair in love and war, right?

Anyways, he told me I have Jasmine hair…so I said I’ve always wanted to find my Aladdin, no matter how lame that sounds. He said…its ok we can fly off on a magic carpet.  Yep…he literally said that.  I kept thinking…how real is this guy?  I think I need to pinch him?  My response…Only if it is a Persian carpet and he laughed and said of course.   He even asked to have him saved in my phone as Aladdin.

Again…Life gives you lemons to make lemonade.

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3 Responses to Take me on a Magic Carpet Ride…

  1. Lisa says:

    Haha, I love you twin!! You have the best stories. If only love came as easily as it does in the movies.

    • Linda says:

      Twin…I had to stop talking to him. I wish I took a screen shot, but this is how our text went:
      Aladdin: I am having dinner right now babe. What are you doing? Do you want to do a HH tommarrow?
      Me: Tomorrow, I’m busy, but another time?
      Aladdin: So you are not free tommarrow?
      Me in my head: OMG…this is not an autocorrect, he must really think that’s how you spell tomorrow. He’s born in the US of A. There is no excuse. NEXT

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