Happy Birthday Sydney!

Sydney and I have known each other since 18. She was a Tri-Delta sister with me.  I am not the typical girl who you would believe would be a sorority girl, but neither was Syd.  We met and clicked right away.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Sydney!  To the girl who is the best elementary teacher there is!  To the person who we used to stay up for hours talking about random stuff including our latest crushes.  To the person who just has a kind heart.

I hope you get spoiled by all our Tri-delta’s still in Utah, your parents and friends. 28 is a big year, we officially enter our late 20’s. I hope you make this year the most memorable one and if there is something I can do from afar to make it better, you better know I will.

We were meant to be friends.  She has the same birthday as my momma and I have the same birthday as her momma. We always joke that we literally struck the lottery with that match.

My favorite things about you are that I am horrible with the phone and better with email, yet you are horrible with email and better with the phone. So texting has become our sole form of communication.  You collect angels. You love to dance and I still remember how we could not walk after a night of dancing at your house (Pop, lock, and drop it), and you are just a wonderful person.

I miss you my dearest friend and wish that we were closer.

Happy birthday again and I wish all your wishes come true this year.

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