7 Things Every Grown-Up Woman Should Own

07_24_13_marcjacobs_honey_1I bought my first bottle of perfume and officially become a grown-up.  I got Honey by Marc Jacobs. I usually just wear body spray from Victoria’s Secret, but that’s more for teens and young adults.  A wise friend and my mother said a true woman has at least one bottle of perfume.

That made me reflect on what I used to want in my early 20’s and what I actually own now as a full-fledge adult after the purchase of my perfume.

 1.       Lipstick. Remember the song by Lil’ Kim…My lipgloss is poppin?  Well, as an adult, that lipgloss is not poppin’ anymore.  Lipstick is the way to go.

2.       One Piece Swim Suit.  I have always loved a one piece, it’s timeless and it’s classy. I feel like no matter how thin you are, bikinis just don’t look that amazing, but that may just be my opinion as I’ve gotten older. I think one pieces look so much better on people, plus it’s always good to leave room for the imagination.

3.       Leggings.  On my dating adventures, so many men have quotes how much they love leggings.  Some people believe they are too revealing, I think they are the best things made for a woman. Hey, I’m not going to deny the fact that leggings, jeggings, and anything in that family is just so much more comfy and dress it up with a cute top, knee high boots, a scarf and you look so much better than trying to wiggle your way into super tight jeans.

4.       Perfume. Even 2 years ago, I hated perfume.  I remember my mom asked me to buy a bottle and I kept saying, no I like all the body splashes from Bath and Body, etc…Well, I have officially decided to become a woman and purchase one.

5.       Professional Clothes.  Not that I ever dressed like a scandal because I’m not that person, but as I’ve grown older, more and more of my closet has become professional clothes.  “Going out” clothes for me don’t really exist anymore, I even wear my suit jacket out, it’s classier. 

6.       Sexy FlatsEvery girl looks good in heels, but after you hit a certain age, it’s not worth trying to run after the metro or bus in heels and fall down the escalator, platform, whatever it may be. 

7.       Sunscreen.  My mother used to make us put sunscreen on since I was 15. I never really appreciated it until now. It’s become a ritual and thank goodness she made me because I realized how much more wrinkly I would be if I did not put it on.  It is so important to save yourself from skin cancer.

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