Review of EOS Lip Balm

untitledBy nature, I love marketing and I am a sap for genius commercials. When I first saw the EOS commercial, I thought it was absolutely adorable and creative. It sold the product super well, but I never thought I would use the product.  Click here to view the commercial.

Over the past month, I’ve seen all of my co-workers have it, so I was at Ulta with Sanam one day and we were both looking at it.  It was $3.49, so I could not resist.  It is the best investment I’ve ever made for my lips, plus it’s so much fun to twist the top off and apply the lip balm.  The other day, our local grocery store was having a sale for $1.99, so Sanam and I went on an EOS ball hunt and only lucked out on finding a few remaining few.

I have the summer fruit and mint. Sanam has pomegranate, strawberry sherbet, and mint.  All of them are great, but I actually really like the mint. It leaves a nice tingling feel on your lips.

Most of you know I only endorse products that I swear by and this is one of them. I’ve tried a lot of other chapsticks…It’s a girl thing; I swear we collect them, but EOS is really a good one and made with all natural product.  Click here for their website.

Hope you enjoy the lip balm as much as we do!

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3 Responses to Review of EOS Lip Balm

  1. Lisa says:

    Twin. I’ve been wanting to get one of these forever! But figured it was pointless/a waste of money because I lost my chapstick after like, one day. But I think I’ll go out and get one. I trust my twin. Love you!

  2. Lisa says:

    Oops. Meant to say *because I LOSE my chapstick. Sorry! I’m a grammar nazi. Miss you twinnie!

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