6 Stories to Help Restore Your Faith in Humanity

You know I tend to always believe the best in people. I swear when I turn on the news, it just makes me depressed and living in DC, I tend to lose faith as I watch how people care for no one else.  I read these stories and honestly, how can your heart NOT melt?

  1. This article brings tears to my eyes. Unconditional love of a Dad. Click here.
  2. A bond of a brother. My heart goes out to him for the sacrifice. Check it out here.
  3. Who can forget the story of Batman…Kudos to the city of San Francisco. Click here.
  4. Runners take a moment to shake the hand of a veteran. So cute…Click here.
  5. Look who got signed up as a hockey player for a day…click here.
  6. A little kid got scared of monsters…so this pharmacist prescribes this….Check it out here.


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