Deal: Must Have Bluetooth Shower Speaker! $24.99

CYMERA_20140610_010307How many of you blast your phone while showering and you just hear a beat, but pretend you can hear the lyrics too?

I will be the first to admit that I do that. The other day I was browsing Groupon and found this waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

For $25, I said why not. It was the best investment ever.

It was really easy to pair/sync my phone with the speaker. The sound quality is excellent and of course I had to test if it is waterproof. After leaving it on the floor of my tub while waiting for the water to get warm, it still works perfectly.

The speaker stays on the wall well too. It has not fallen off yet.

I would highly recommend the product. Showers will never be the same. It is literally a dance party all day every day.

The first night I got it I was supposed to go to Arlington at 7…I arrived at 8.30 because I stayed in the shower for an hour. My excuse, I was practicing my dance moves for the night.

Also you can pick up calls too. This function is a little unnecessary, but I did pick up a call once just so when they said “What are you doing?” I can say, nothing just talking to you in the shower!

If you want to purchase it…here is the link.

*There are other colors than pink, but I think pink matches my loofah really well.

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