Tempurpedic Pillow vs BioSense Memory Foam Pillow

fsfasfWith my accident, my neck and back constantly hurts and cracks. I know it is a bad combination, but what can you do. My physical therapist told me to try a new pillow, possibly a Tempurpedic. I’ve always been very intrigued in the brand, so I was excited for an excuse to buy one. So many people swear by it including many of my friends.

Everyone talks about a Tempurpedic, it’s the #1 brand in America. It’s got a 78% customer satisfaction, that’s  an incredible number for a brand. It is comparable to those who are hard-core Apple lovers. I tried, but I do not fall in that category.

Here is my review of the Tempurpedic Neck Pillow. The pillow is very firm and I guess I’m just not used to that. Tempurpedic Pillows are known to be firm to provide support. It is also supposed to mold to the shape of your head to give you optimum comfort. Well, the first night I tried to sleep on it and it made my neck hurt even more. So I gave it a week to see if it will become more comfortable. Nope, I know I have a light head, but the pillow did not mold to the shape and it made my neck worst.

Then I went to Brookstone and tried the BioSense Memory Foam. I LOVED IT! It was so soft, but had the support I needed. The difference is that there is a fluffy cover over the memory foam. I have not slept through the night since the accident from the neck pain, but after a few nights with the pillow, I only wake up once, maybe twice a night versus multiple times. I really recommend this pillow. For me it worked over Tempurpedic. Plus, the pillow is made to go back to its original shape after each use, while Tempurpedic ends up flattening out over time. I’ve used it for about a month and I still love it.

I am not saying either is better or worst. For me, BioSense was better, but it depends on each person. Some people live and die by Tempurpedic. Hopefully this helps if you’re looking for a memory foam pillow.

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