How to Bedazzle Your House Keys in 3 Easy Steps

One night, I got locked out of my house because my automatic keypad failed. Luckily, Sameer and Omar saved me by taking me in until one of my girlfriends could give me the key in the morning.

When I got to Shari’s house to pick up the key, she could not remember which one it was, so she gave me three keys just in case.

After that, I decided to paint all my house keys so I don’t forget.

It’s so easy. You just need a pretty nail color and a top coat with glitter. You can paint one or two coats depending on how deep you want the color on the key. I would leave the nail polish to dry for 30 minutes in between each coat.

*I took the pic off because apparently if someone can get a picture of your key, they can send it to a website, who will duplicate it.  Robber alert, so sadly, you will just have to leave it to the imagination, but they turned out very cute.


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