Proof that ALL Asians have Engineer Blood in them

One Saturday morning, I woke up and was going through my normal routine which includes coffee. Well, I grabbed the coffee pot and it just decided to jump out of my hand and onto the floor.

Well, the coffee pot shattered. It was brutal, it was barely 10 AM and I had to clean up glass and more importantly where was my coffee?

I was in no mood to leave the house for a Starbucks, so I had to get creative.

I stood there for a second wondering how I would make this work. For once, my brain worked and ding, ding, ding. A Coffee Maker = Pot + Hot Water + Something to strain the ground coffee in.

So I looked in my kitchen and found the following: Tea pot, water heater, a strainer, and of course, something to hold the handle in place.

I put the filter in and taaaa-daaaaa I got coffee and it was just as good as out of a pot. Granted it took a really long time, but still. I was able to clean while waiting.

I asked Tien if I could patent this since he does patent work…He just laughed, shook his head and kindly said I don’t think so.

I sent this pic to my mom, she was so proud.  Her response: Look at my baby, you are so creative and also a civil engineer to build this. Do you want momma to buy you a new one?



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