Lessons in Life: Forks and Spoons are not just Utinsels

At times in my life, I think, again the keyword is think I am really punny.  Well sometimes in life people fail and in this case I failed. #epicfail.

At one of our events, I was attempting to get a nice “family” picture of all the girls, well this is a family picture gone wrong.  Brandy was missing in the picture except for her head and pointing a fork right towards Savoy.  Savoy didn’t seem to mind the fork in her face.


When I saw this picture, I couldn’t help but put a “punny” caption. Unfortunately, I didn’t know a fork could also be termed as something sexual.  Seriously, how can something like a fork be a naughty word. What has the world come to? So I think I am SO clever and all of a sudden I get this text from Savoy.


I sent Lisa the text and this is her response. At least she loves me for all my innocence.



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