The Power of Words and a Wonderful Friend

I had dinner with my best friend Shari this week and I told her some of my frustrations lately, especially dealing with the absolutely crazy lady who won’t stop harassing me, I just needed to vent.

And granted, most of the time I am pretty calm and rational, but when I get on my soapbox I become an absolute drama-queen.

Right now, I feel like the stars are absolutely misaligned and I don’t know how to get it back in line.  I am a natural optimist, but lately it’s become much harder to be one.  In a perfect world, good things should happen to good people.  Being kind and being raised right should be praised and not considered a flaw.

But in reality it’s not.  The rules of life have changed and you have to learn to play the game to survive.  From what I observed, good people are the ones that suffer the most. They get thrown under the bus, walked on, taken advantage of, and hurt the most.  Those of us who are naturally good people tend to struggle in some form the most.

For those who know me, I’m an extremely loyal and amazing friend to those positive influences in my life. I am a good daughter. I don’t steal, lie (well, a little white lie here and there), and I work-hard for everything that I have in my life.  And some of you know the instances where I’ve done good, which back-fired and that’s when I say…I give up being a good person, I just have to stop caring, and I need to be like everyone else.

I told Shari that by doing good, good things should come. No, I haven’t seen that and if doing good things and getting obstacle after obstacle thrown at you is a way to prove yourself to get into heaven, well I don’t want to go.  Yes, here is where my dramatic self comes in. I’d rather have an easy-going life on earth and I’ll end up going to hell anyways.   With my luck, I’ll be in line to heaven and an Angel will say remember that time you didn’t pick up your friend at 2 AM because you were asleep. It doesn’t matter about your 15,000 other good deeds, we are sending you to hell.

10649025_10100218051924281_2673735449741477193_oShari stopped me and told me, you can’t be that person. We need more people like you.  She said, think of how many people’s lives you’ve touched without even knowing by being kind, by being you.  She said, it is much easier to be a good person and be kind.  You don’t want to change.

Then she put some guilt on me by saying, if you were a bad person, I wouldn’t be your friend.  Shari, you are absolutely one of the kindest and most patient person I know, you are wise beyond your years.

She should be a lawyer because to close the case, she decided to show me this video called the “Power of Words.”  It’s a very powerful commercial about how your words and actions can change someone else’s day.

You win Shari, case closed, I can’t be a bad person even if I wanted to. I care too much.  Thanks for making me remember why eventually everything will work out and thank you for listening to my dramatic soap opera and bringing me back to reality.

Whenever you have a bad day, watch this video and it will certainly change your mind.


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