Photo Shoots

Honestly, if I could make a living doing photography, writing, and designing I would, but unfortunately I can’t.  In the past in my previous life, I did photo shoots if a friend asked me, but lately people have been telling me to make my hobby a business.  Here are just a few of my previous work for you to see.  I’ll have more as I get money to buy an updated camera.

Current Work (2014- Present)

My Family- Luckily we all love pictures- Click the picture for the more.


Aline and Ramin’s Baby Pics-Click the picture for the more.


April Showers Bring May Flowers

My very first attempt at photography was when I was about 15 years old and my first models were….flowers.

Liana’s Photo Shoot

My sister was my first model. I didn’t have a nice camera, but I used my dad’s old school manual one.  My sister was such a champ. She was only about 14 years old when I took these…I know she’s gorgeous. #jealous



Corrine and Dave’s First Family Photos

This was my very first photo shoot after I got my new camera, so it brings back a lot of memories of some of my dearest friends. Since this shoot, they have added 3 more girls to the family.




Aline and Ramin’s Engagement

Aline asked me to do this for Ramin.  It was so hard to get a time in to do this for them because he was doing his residency at the time.  Ramin is an amazing photographer himself, so I was nervous to do this.  But he turned out to absolutely love the pictures and it was my first paying gig!  A few years later, I’m flying down this weekend to do their pregnancy pics.

Lavanya’s Professional Shoot

My dear friend and successful business owner I might add asked me to take some head shots for an award she was getting.  Well it turned into a personal and business photo shoot. I still remember teaching her to pose and telling her to be sexy!

Julie’s Attention Getting Photo Shoot

Julie is my absolute best friend. We did these improv photo shoots back in the day when she wanted to get a certain someone’s attention.  What did we do?  Do a photo shoot and change the profile picture on Facebook.  As she says, only I would do this for her because I absolutely love her guts. Years later, she is happily engaged, but we will never stop laughing at these as we age.  Behind every picture is a great story.

Bollywood Style Party

This was a photo shoot for a charity event with Lavanya, who is the owner of Saffron Valley restaurant. She is heavily involved in the local community and asked me to do this, how can I say no with all the great food and music!

Baby Bryston

This was Michelle’s first baby and my first almost new born photo shoot.  She has since then added 3 more to the family and all boys too.

Bryston Feb 2010 077Bryston Feb 2010 037

Angie and Chris’s Wedding

This was one of my favorite photo shoots.  Chris worked with me at the bank and asked me to do this.  The wedding took place in a soccer stadium.  This was my first ever wedding and bridal shoot.  I was really nervous, but they said my shots turned out better than if they hired someone, so it gave me a huge boost of confidence.

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