YOLO List B4 Age 30

# Item Date Where With Who
1 Be in a flash mob
2 Be photobombed by a   sting ray in the Cayman Islands
3 Canopy tour
4 Cover someone’s car   in post it notes
5 Dance in the rain
6 Hug a Koala
7 Watch a world record   get set
8 Drive an Ashton   Martin
9 Fire walking
10 Flyboard
11 Get a bonsai tree
12 Get in a shark cage
13 Do a Turkish Coffee   Reading 9/29/2013 DC Turkish Festival Beth Cavaliere
14 Get my fortune read   (Cards and Palm)  Cards-10/26/2013  Rita in Maryland  Myself
15 Glass Blowing Class
16 Grape Stomping
17 High wire walking
18 Safari
19 Alligator Tour  6/10/2014  New Orleans  Lisa Zhang
20 Go to the Sears Tower (Now Willis Tower)  10/14/2013  Chicago  Lisa Zhang
21 Go on the underwater   roller coaster in Japan
22 Paragliding
23 Parasaling
24 Go to a pumpkin patch
25 Go to an ice hotel
26 Go to an olympic game
27 Go to Carnival in   Brazil
28 Go to comic con
29 Go to fashion week
30 Go to Mall of America
31 Go to a pageant
32 Go to Oktoberfest  6/9/2014  Baton Rouge, LA  Lisa Zhang
33 Go to St.  Patricks day in NYC
34 Go to the world cup
35 Whale Watching
36 Hang glide over Rio   de Janeiro
37 Roast Marshmellows over a volcano
38 Helicopter ride
39 Hike the Appalachian   Trail
40 Hot air balloon
41 Jump into a pool   fully clothed
42 Kayak in the ocean
43 See the northern lights
44 Kiss underwater
45 Make 100 fleece   blankets to donate to children
46 Fire baton twirling
47 Ribbon dancing
48 Leave a note in a   library book
49 Make a wish on a   shooting star
50 Make out in a glass   elevator
51 Milk a cow
52 Parasail in Acapulco
53 Pay for a child’s   cleft lip surgery
54 Pet a tiger
55 Poi twirling
56 Post a letter on   Juliet’s house’s wall
57 Professional dance   lessons.  I am so imbalanced, for once   I just want to be graceful
58 Race a sports car
59 Release 100 balloons   in the air with kids, each with a different wish
60 Ride a biplane
61 Ride a blimp
62 Ride a camel
63 Ride a horse  10/20/2013  Middleburg Polo  Taban and Najilia
64 Ride a mechanical   bull
65 Ride a motorcycle
66 Ride a paddle boat
67 Ride a segway  10/14/2013  Chicago (Bike and Roll)  Lisa Zhang
68 Ride a trolley in San   Fran
69 Ride an elephant
70 Ride the world’s   largest ferris wheel
71 Run a marathon
72 Float in the Dead Sea
73 Scuba Dive
74 See an active volcano
75 See firefly squids   glow in Japan
76 Send a message in a   bottle  1/18/2014  Negril, Jamaica  Lisa Zhang
77 Shower In a waterfall
78 Sky Dive  11/09/2013  Chatanooga Skydiving  Manish Pandey
79 Snorkel in a   shipwreck
80 Swim in the largest   swimming pool…off the coast of Chile
81 Swim with a whale   shark
82 Swim with sea turtles
83 Swim with the   Dolphins  8/29/2014  Sea Life Discovery, Isla Mujeres  Lisa Zhang
84 Take a mud bath
85 Take a pottery class
86 Walk the CN Tower Edgewalk
87 Tandem biking  4/19/2014  NYC- Central Park  Sheng
88 Throw a coin in the   Trevi Fountain
89 Tour the White House
90 Swim in the glowing waters  1/19/2014  Jamaica  Lisa Zhang
91 Visit Iguazu Falls
92 Visit Pompei
93 Visit the Titanic   wrecage
94 Watch a meteor shower
95 Watch a space shuttle   launch
96 Watch a trebuchet   competition
97 Windsurfing
98 Write a letter to my   future self
99 Zip lining
100 Swim with Manta Rays

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